In the last month we’ve already seen a steady increase in orders for our fall weddings. We’re so honored to be a part of your big day. And, we always hope we’re the easiest part of your wedding coordination. Below we’ll provide some ideas to make ordering from us easier.

Top Ten Tips from Olde Colony Bakery

  1. Please order at minimum, one week before you need the cookies. Between 1-2 weeks is ideal. It provides us enough time to plan and bake your cookies fresh. However, it also means you don’t need to order 3 months before.  Always order items within your timeframe though, don’t be stressed by deliveries!
  2. We have five options for our Benne Wafers!
    • Turndown Pack – 5-6 original Benne Wafers in a clear poly bag with our gold foil label. $1.00
    • Standup Pack – Original Benne Wafers in a clear poly 3 ounce standup bag with our gold foil label. $2.99
    • 5 ounce bag – Original Benne Wafers in a clear poly 5 ounce bag with our gold foil label. $3.99
    • 1 pound bag – Original Benne Wafers in a clear poly 1 pound bag with our gold foil label. $9.99
    • Bulk Bag – Prefer to bag your own favors? Buy Bennes in bulk one pound increments with no decorative bagging. $9.00 per pound.
  3. Yes, we can bag other cookies besides Benne Wafers in our turndown and standup packs. However, we do not have labels for them so you won’t have a label or nutritional information if you choose another cookie for that bag size.
  4. Other popular choices for weddings are Nana’s Pralines, Pete’s Pecan Pinchies, and Carolina Key Lime Cookies.
  5. Looking for a bridal discount? We’re glad to sell you our standard 5 ounce bag for you to use at your wedding at a 10% discount. To receive the discount, please call us to place your order.
  6. Need a custom gift basket of our treats? Just call us and we’ll discuss your ideas and see what we can do!
  7. Our cookies are great for dessert ideas as well. We’ve had brides put the cookies in penny jars on their dessert tables.
  8. Share your ideas! We love to hear how you used our products in your wedding. Send us a picture and we’ll feature you on our website.
  9. Need the history of the Benne Wafer for your wedding? We can help you with that! We’re in the middle of typing it up and providing it on the website also. We’re glad to share the rich history of the Benne Wafer.
  10. Don’t forget… Benne Wafers are good luck!

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