Keep your fingers crossed everyone. We are very close to being ready to open back up. Even a tropical storm didn’t slow down our progress. We’re down to the final things that need to be done. Hard to be patient when you want to get moving but some things are not in our control. We finally towards the end of the week had electricity working. We were able to test out the equipment and spent a lot of time cleaning over and over again while practicing our patience. We’re so used to moving and getting our cookies out the door it’s hard to switch modes.

Front of the new bakery is coming along!

Front of the new bakery is coming along!

Some of the last things we are waiting on are –

  • air conditioning (important for cooling the cookies)
  • inspections by DHEC and Department of Agriculture
  • getting the credit card machine set up for the new location
  • and all the other minor details that go into finishing up our construction project

We did learn that we will have to have our floors re-done this summer as we had some issues with them being finished correctly the first time. So, we are timing that with our annual summer vacation. After an exhausting three weeks of moving we are sore, tired, and mentally drained. We love baking but we are going to need this summer break. No matter what though, before and after summer vacation we’ll be busting our butts to bake batch after batch of our tasty treats.

And, while we are at it, we also have a special surprise to unveil for you. Not only did we update our website, we updated our shopping cart too. We took all of your feedback and the things we wanted to improve and created a new online store. As soon as possible, we’ll be making our Online Store link live again. We look forward to your continued feedback as we hope to make your shopping experience easier.


The Rix Family