Wow are we tired and we’re only half way there! We’ve packed up two trucks full and one pod of all the bakery possessions and we’re hoping today is the day we can offload it to the new store. Patience is not always our forte as we’re eager to get unpacked and baking again. However, the man running our construction tells us we have to wait until our concrete floor apoxy completely dries. I suppose that’s a good thing. Meanwhile, we have special kitchen equipment movers ready to move our oven, refrigerator, commerical mixers, and more. At least we don’t have to figure out how to move the very big & heavy stuff.

However, it was really awesome to stand in the new bakery yesterday planning on where to put things, how many new shelving units we’d need, and enjoying all the extra space we can now use to expand the business. Before we were planning and operating off of blueprints but when you actually stand in the space, it’s a whole new feeling.

The only thing we would change is our luck with the weather. Rain, humidity, and the onset of summer heat has been a bit trying. Until a week ago, we had been enjoying unseasonably cool and dry weather. But what can you do? You try to plan and prepare but life has other plans for us. Thankfully we have great employees and lots of support from our customers. You truly are the reason we look forward to growing our business and baking more.


98% of the old bakery in one corner of the new bakery!

98% of the old bakery in one corner of the new bakery!

More updates and some photos coming soon.


The Rix Family