When talking about buying our own building to house an expanding bakery business, we also talked about updating our website and shopping cart. We knew that our design and features were outdated. So much had advanced in website design and we wanted to be able to communicate more, add more pictures, and provide a more robust shopping cart. We also wanted to take your feedback about our online store and make the improvements you requested.

We found a shopping cart solution through a vendor that allows us to manage the design and get the settings just right. For example, we now offer:

  • Saved Carts – You can add items to your cart and come back later on the same computer and your items will be waiting there to check out.
  • Newsletter – You can sign up for our newsletter if you want to receive monthly news. We won’t spam you with content or send you emails every day. We’ll be too busy baking but we can send out a monthly update of what’s going on.
  • Create an Account – You can now create an account to save your billing and shipping address. It can help you save time checking out.
  • Email address – We make sure when you check out, you enter your email address. This enables us to notify you quickly when we are processing your order and shipping it.
  • Integration with FedEx and UPS – Now when you check out, you can see the latest FedEx and UPS rates. We realize the shipping rates are still high. We ship FedEx and UPS to ensure the safety and quality of our products. We don’t want our cookies broken on the way to you! We did compare prices of FedEx to UPS to USPS for boxes and they are all relatively the same. We are going to investigate a new FedEx offering soon. We’ll see if FedEx SmartPost can be more affordable for shipping. Either way, we’re only charging you what FedEx/UPS charges and we’re commited to finding ways to bring the cost down. While we’d love to be Amazon.com, we’re just a small family business and we feel the high cost of shipping as much as you do.
  • Improved Item View – Each store item has more information, easier options to select, and ability to zoom in on pictures.
  • Improved Behind the Scenes – It’s what you can’t see but means the world to us. We have a lot more options to make it easier to fulfill your online orders.
  • PCI Compliance! – Last but not least, the new cart is fully PCI and PA-DSS compliant. What do all those letters mean? It means your credit card information is safe with us. We take all the steps to make sure that when you trust us with your sensitive information, we keep it safe!

Still to come, we want to hire a photographer to take new (and better) pictures so you can see our delicious cookies and baked goods better. However, we’re going to wait a few weeks to take on that project because as soon as final permits are signed, we’ll be spending all our time building our stock back up.

Because of the increased baking time, we took the gift tins and gift packs off the website for a few weeks. They will be back but we want to focus our energies in the right place.

Hopefully, you like the new cart and will get used to it. However, we STILL love to hear from you on what we can do to make it easier. Chances are with the new shopping cart that we can make adjustments.

To see the new online store, head on over to – http://store.oldecolonybakery.com or just select Online Store from the top menu bar.

What do you think of the new website and shopping cart?