Frequently Asked Questions

We love your questions and we’ve received many over the years. Here we’ll try to answer your most frequent questions and update as we get more. Have a question? Leave a comment or contact us!

Are you really a family-owned business?

It’s true! The Rix Family has owned and operated Olde Colony Bakery since 1990. Peter and Sheila Rix built the family business and while Peter has since retired, you can still find Sheila out front greeting customers and answering phone calls. She also does all the administrative work! Son Phil Rix and son-in-law Jim stay extremely busy in the kitchen baking, pulling racks, and bagging up all those cookies! And the rest of the family help out when they can from labeling bags to stopping by to help out in the holidays. The newest face in the family business is daughter-in-law Lindsey. She’s been tasked as the technical adviser. Her first priority was to update our website and online store for our customers. Stop by any day of the week and we’d be glad for you to meet us and try our baked goods!

Do you sell your cookies near me?

The short answer is… we probably do! Many vendors and stores sell our cookies and bread. We’re working on getting a full list to post on the website but in the meantime, if you’re wondering if we’re in your area, just contact us or call the store at (800) 722-9932. And if not, you can always order cookies online!

How long do Benne wafers stay fresh?

Benne wafers stay fresh for up to 6 months. However, we make them fresh every day so do not feel like you need to order your cookies months in advance. We do request you place large orders as soon as you can so we can plan when to bake your cookies for your event.

We know there are many stresses in planning a large event, we do our best to always make sure we’re the easiest part of your arrangements!

Do you make cakes?

We get this question a lot because we used to bake cakes when we were on King St, downtown Charleston. But these days, we don’t make any kind of cake except fruit cake, which is available during the Christmas holiday season. Please call (800) 722-9932 to order one (local pickup only).

Where can I find nutritional information for the Benne wafers?

The nutritional information is located on the back of all our bags. The label for the Benne Wafer reads as follows: Sugar, Enriched Unbromated Flour (wheat), Egg Whites, Sesame Seeds, Palm Oil (trans fat free), Salt, Baking Powder, Baking Soda. Our Benne Wafers are locally handmade with no artifical flavors, color, or sweeteners!

Soon, we are going to post pictures of all the nutritional labels for our bags so you can know in advance what’s in each of our products!

Can you bake treats for my dog?

We love dogs!  And, we love to hear about your furry four-legged friends, however at this time we do not specifically make treats just for them. We will take your suggestion into consideration and see if in the future we can build the treats into our baking process. In the meantime, we’ll look the other way if a few cookies happen to fall under the table.

Are your cookies gluten-free?

Unfortunately, most of our products are made with flour. Also, we do not bake our cookies and breads in a gluten-free environment. Currently, we don’t have the ability to thoroughly clean our machines, pans, and tables to ensure your safety when it comes to nut or gluten allergies.  We would love to accomodate you but we cannot at this time.

How many Benne wafers are in a pound?

Over the years we’ve done several counts and the number fluctuates from time to time but on average you can expect about 272 cookies. I will say though, we’re better at baking than counting so please be kind if our numbers are off by a little.

Do you use any trans fat products?

No, we currently do not have any trans fat ingredients in our products. We also do not use hydrogenated oils or chemicals. We hand mix all of our products too! Over the years our recipes have changed slightly but the most significant one was the switch from margarine, as seen in our Travel Channel video, to a trans fat free product – Palm Oil! Most importantly, the switch did not alter the taste. Our Benne Wafers continue to be beloved by many!